About Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit websites, including velikvoy.ru. This page offers insights into the data collected, the purpose of cookies, and how to manage them. While you can disable cookies, it’s important to note that doing so may affect certain site functionalities.

How Cookies Are Used

  1. Multiple Purposes: Cookies are used for various reasons, enhancing the website’s functionality and features. Disabling cookies may negatively impact your site experience.

Disabling Cookies:

Although you can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings, it’s generally not recommended as this can affect the functionality of Vod.com.ng and other websites. It’s advisable to keep cookies enabled unless you are certain they are unnecessary.

Cookies We Collect

  1. Account-Related Cookies: When you create an account, cookies manage the registration process and general administration. While most of these cookies are deleted upon logout, some may persist to remember your site settings.
  2. Third-Party Cookies: Our site uses third-party analytics to measure usage and improve content. These cookies track metrics like time spent on the site and pages visited.

Further Information

If you have any uncertainties about the necessity of cookies, it’s safer to leave them enabled. For additional information or clarification, contact velikvoy.ru via email at velikvoy.ru@gmail.com. Understanding and managing cookies contribute to a personalized and enhanced user experience on the website.

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