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In every online casino game, there are types of bets that are easy to win. And, obviously, this also applies to online roulette, where the rules of the game come down to just guessing where the ball will stop after it randomly spins on the playing field. This time, the administrator will talk a little about the betting options that are easy to win in online roulette games.

But first, the administrator will explain what online roulette gambling is. Because even though this type of online casino games are popular, not all readers of admin articles have ever played them.

From the little explanation above, it is known that gambling online roulette using a ball and a board is similar to a spinning wheel. In detail or specifically on this board, there are 15 columns crossed out in red and black. Each column of the board also contains numbers from 0 to . .And when the roulette gambling starts, the ball will roll on the spinning board. With such gameplay, of course, it is difficult to predict the position in which the ball will stop. But don’t worry, the admin has several leaked roulette betting options that are easy to win for online gamblers, as per the title of this article. And here is the information.The first option, a dozen bets. This is a market for number guesses right off the bat. To place a bet, the player simply chooses one of the three pots, where, for example, the 1st pot has numbers from 1 to . . Let’s say the player bets on the 1st pot and the ball stops in the column i.e. It is said that he will win by the rules of the online casino bookmaker.

The second option is odd-even. This is a market for guessing the category of even and odd numbers. The number 0 does not participate in this type of bet. Thus, suppose the player bets and the ball comes to rest in the column. then according to the rules of the online casino they say the bookmaker wins. Because odd is a choice of odd numbers, and even is a choice of even numbers. guaranteed

The third option, big small. This is a market for guessing categories of large and small numbers. The number 0 does not participate in this type of bet. Thus, the minor options include numbers from 1 to , while the big options include numbers 10 to 20. So, suppose the player bets on small and the ball stops in the column. then according to the rules they say the victory of the online casino bookmaker.

Fourth option, red black. This is the market that is most different from other live roulette betting options, in which players guess that the ball will land on the red or black column according to the rules of the online casino bookmaker. Well, as additional information, the admin will give tips on guessing live roulette so that your chances of winning are higher.

More Tips for Online Casino Placement Roulette Betting

The first tip is to look at the history of games that have taken place before. In this way, it will be easier for live roulette players to identify the categories of numbers that appear most often. Let’s say the last five rounds are live roulette, 7, 10, and 7. If you’re playing odd-even, choose even because it comes up more often.

And if you’re playing high, pick the low number in the picture above because that number comes up more often. Meanwhile, if you are playing color guessing, pay attention to the output pattern. If red, black, red appear in the last rows, we can say that the pattern is a zigzag. So for the next round choose black or black

This is some information from the administrator regarding the live roulette betting market. See you again.

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